First Aid Trainer Training

This course is designed for those wishing to deliver first aid training either setting up as a centre operating through an awarding body, or you wish to join a regulated centre or college to deliver qualifications in first aid and health and safety topics.

This course would also be needed for anyone wishing to run unregulated courses in other words NOT operating through an awarding body or organisation but needing to meet "Skills for Health" and HSE standards and meet due diligence requirements that employers/course students may choose to satisfy themselves of before attending an unregulated course or use an unregulated course provider.

The start point to teach first aid is to hold the Level 3 Award in Education Training (or equivalent or higher), hold a First Aid at Work Certificate, and have occupational competence in first aid and teaching and assessing first aid. An alternative from 2017 is the new level 3 award in teaching and assessing first aid qualifications.

There are a number of outcomes for the week, and pathways from here depending on your start point and ultimate aim:

Setting up as an awarding body training centre (as an ITC one if required).

Setting up as an unregulated training provider.

Offering your services to existing regulated and unregulated training centres normally on a self employed basis.

Running your courses through our centre while getting yourself established in the sector if still working elsewhere.

Please call to discuss details.

For colleges or schools wishing to deliver ITC courses such as outdoor first aid and sport, consider becoming an ITC Centre, please contact us for an information pack detailing the benefits of this.

Call 0782 444 9011 or email for further details or no obligation discussion.

For those with some first aid training experience already, or already running a centre a 2 day option is possible which is an

ITC provider course, introduces the awarding body, its aims, ethos and equips participants to set up and deliver the ITC courses.

From this an individual pathway will be discussed and agreed for your way forward, depending on your circumstances and time availability.

You will be monitored by your mentor during this period, (the minimum of which is to assist on 2 courses and be observed delivering a third).

A pre-requisite to join the providers course, is to have observed, or attended, an ITC awarded course, delivered by an existing approved provider.

Other requirements are that you hold or will undertake to obtain an FAW certificate, can attend once quarterly cluster meetings of trainers, run region by region, and hold or obtain a vocational teaching and assessing qualification. The same two day induction is also required if you wish to become an Alder Holly associate operating courses through us and being available to work for us.

Please check out (whose courses we deliver) and for further information.

Alder Holly Associate Provider Induction 2 days

The 2 day induction need to either deliver courses through Alder Holly or existing first aid providers to set up as an ITC First centre

More Infoformation on Alder Holly Associate Provider Induction 2 days | Forthcoming Dates for Alder Holly Associate Provider Induction 2 days

First Aid Tutor/Assessor-Level 3 Education & Training Award

This course is aimed at those interested in entering the first aid training sector, and has 3 components: Level 3 education & training award. An induction to awarding organisiations and bodies, with specific information for awarding body/organisation ITC if required. Current FAW course syllabus for occupational competence.

More Infoformation on First Aid Tutor/Assessor-Level 3 Education & Training Award | Forthcoming Dates for First Aid Tutor/Assessor-Level 3 Education & Training Award

ITC Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications

New for 2017, a specific qualification for the teaching and assessing of first aid.

More Infoformation on ITC Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications | Forthcoming Dates for ITC Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications

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