This ITC First awarded course can be delivered for all small mammals, dogs, cats, rabbits but the emphasis is on dogs. Why? Well unlike other pets dogs tend to travel with us everywhere we go, shopping, on holiday, in the car, and sometimes we maybe in places where we have no phone signal or do not know where the nearest vet is, when a problem occurs.

Dogs also have the developmental IQ of a human 2 year old, and remain so all their lives, and two year olds need help in being looked after and their needs met. The more rancid something seems to be the better the taste for your dog even if that object may cause them serious damage!

Lastly the vet ambulance cannot come to you and you cannot call 999 for your dog!

Course covers:
Routine health checks including vital signs (Col, temp, breathing, level of response) and how to notice changes.
Managing an incident so the ABCD of dog first aid.
Recognising and treating shock.
Dog recovery position.
Lifts carries and restraints.
Dog CPR & drowning procedures.
Choking and foreign objects.
Blood loss and shock.
Injury recognition and management.
Sudden illness and medical conditions.
Poisons bites and stings, anaphylaxis.
Burns and getting hot and cold.
Dogs and the law
An introduction to complementary therapies for dogs.

A short 3 hour course covers emergency life support where as the 6 plus hour day course coves all of the above.

The course has the support and approval of vets and the day course includes a full colour pocket size manual of dog first aid, this is available for purchase on the short evening course.

Course meets the requirements of the Veterinary Act of 1966 and the Recover Guidelines for animal CPR.

For those interested and suitably qualified there is two day Canine/Pet first aid instructor course available. Please call 0782 444 9011 or email

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