HSE Due Diligence

Regulated qualifications delivered by Centres who are licensed or accredited with awarding bodies and organisations such as ITC First do not need any due diligence as you will automatically be receiving the correct training at the correct standard as such centres are inspected and scrutinised by the awarding body and sometimes directly by the "Government Training Regulators"

Alder Holly offers primarily such regulated/accredited awards.

Sometimes we are asked to deliver courses which are not regulated or accredited but still certificated by ITC First, this means the course is not a regulated vocational award, however there are still clearly defined course content, delivery and outcome and these courses are delivered to the same standard for quality assurance purposes as the regulated/accredited awards.

For your re-assurance we can supply a due diligence document showing that these courses meet all internal and external quality assurance standards should you require it.

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