First Aid :: Certification

Alder Holly Limited, provides first aid training through the Awarding Body, (ITC). ITC supports a network of Training Centres throughout the UK.

ITC First, (Company No 5750596), has an educational awarding body function which was accredited by the QCA (now Ofqual) in 2007, ITC are also accredited with the SQA in Scotland. This means that ITC holds the same status for example, as City & Guilds.

ITC oversees the delivery of industry & environment specific courses. ITC Centres are well known for providing courses that are tailored and relevant to Sport, Outdoor, Care, Paediatric and Work sectors.

Tutors (also known as Internal Assessors) typically have a working background in the sector for which they are delivering training.

Before Training Centres can deliver ITC courses, they must complete a rigorous Centre Application Process and are subject to stringent ongoing internal and external verification processes. Some Centres form groups called Clusters where common processes, documentation, and Schemes of Work are utilised to ensure an standardised process of operation. This is a purely voluntary arrangement which permits Centre and Staff collaboration, support, and assists with internal verification and moderation.

The Awarding Body ensures that regular newsletters and CPD events are provided, the Clusters of Centres hold training meets, professional practice events, and support each other in business matters.

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